From Dangriga Municipal Airstrip

The airstrip, whether flying on Maya Island or Tropic Airline, is within the Benguche Area of Dangriga. The easiest way to get to Chaleanor is to take a taxi which will take approximately 10 minutes.

From the Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is located on Havana Street, around the corner from the Drums of our Father. The quickest means of arriving at the Chaleanor is to take a taxi which will take about 3 minutes. The establishment is not far away from the terminal and you can also come by means of walking or private transportation. If you decide to take this means, take a northward walk on Havanna Street (same street that the terminal is on). You will come to a small bridge, continue straight  until you meet up with a Chaleanor Hotel sign just across from a huge green building. Take a right turn here. It will appear as if you are walking/driving towards the sea. Continue on this path for two blocks. Here you will see another of our sign, take a left turn. You will see Chaleanor Hotel on the second property, the tallest building in the area.

  • Getting to Chaleanor

Chaleanor Hotel is located at 35 Magoon Street in Dangriga Town.

Phone #: 501-522-2587                            Email: